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Related post: lobed almost to the base, lobes subcircular, c.lmm long, 1mm wide, imbricate; petals cream, free, oblong-ovate, 4mm long, 2.5mm wide, contorted in bud; stamens or staminodes 8, united into a tube; disk orange-red, cushion-shaped, fused to the base of the ovary but free from the staminal tube; ovary 4-celled. Fruit an upright, almost spherical, woody capsule, 4-6cm in diameter, opening by 4 valves from the apex; seeds 6 or more per cell, broadly transversely ellipsoid to flat, c.25mm long, 18mm wide, margins narrowly winged. Flowering shortly before or early during the rainy season, the fruits apparently remaining on the tree throughout the dry season. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES None known so far. 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES The bark is very bitter and has a considerable reputation among Africans as a fever remedy, and is even called "Quinquina du Senegal". The bark can be boiled and the decoction drunk at intervals as specified by the herbalist, fresh bark macerated Buy Conjugated Estrogens Online in cold water and the infusion drunk, or the dry pulverised bark mixed with salt and taken in small doses every second day. The Generic Conjugated Estrogens bark is also used as a vermifuge, taenicide, depurative and for treating syphilis. Crushed bark and seeds are regarded as emmenagogue. - 110 - The bark is also used in traditional veterinary practice. For cattle suffering from liver fluke and infusion made by steeping the bark in a mixture of bran and water is given as a draught. Dried and pulverised bark is used as a dressing for ulcers on camels, horses and donkeys; and a decoction of the bark is sometimes used as a lotion for any ulcer or wound. A concoction of the bark is given to horses for internal ailments associated with mucous diarrhoea. 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS The timber, bark, roots, leaves and seeds have been extensively examined. They contain the following specific limonoid compounds: khivorin, 7-ketokhivorin, 3-deacetyl- khivorin, 3:7-diacetylkhivorin, 3-deacetyl-7-ketokhivorin, 7-ketogedunin, methyl angolensate, methyl-6-hydroxy angolensate, mexicanolide, 6-hydroxy mexicanolide, 6-deoxy swietenolide esters, and khayasin. The last compound is characteristic and has been found in the timber of no other species. n-Alkanes from C to C , with C and C as the most abundant, are present in the leaves. The bark also contains 2,6-dimethoxy--benzoquinone , -sitosterol and its -D-glucoside, catechin tannins, and saponins. The gum is rich in polysaccharides identified by Aspinall and co-workers. 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION Almost exclusive use of bark and occasionally seed. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING Local collection for domestic use. 9. Buy Conjugated Estrogens SILVICS Natural regeneration from seed is poor, though it grows well from seed and transplants well. It largely reproduces itself from suckers and is recommended for reforestation purposes. 10. MAJOR DISEASES Unknown 11. OTHER USES It is one of the common African mahoganies whose timber has been widely used on a commercial scale, particularly from West Africa. The wood is the hardest of the Khaya species and is also used in railway-carriage construction or for sleepers. The bark is used in tanning. The leaves are used as fodder for cattle and camels though not very palatable. The tree is used in the Ivory Coast as an ingredient in arrow poison. Bark scales are sometimes used as a fish poison. The timber of this species was the first known of the African mahoganies, and was exported from Gambia to Europe in the early part of the 19th century. The presence of oleo-resin in the vessels of Khaya species accounts for the durability of the timber and its resistance to insect and fungus attack. - Ill - 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Adesida, G.A. et al. Phytochemistry , 10, 1845 and references cited therein. (1971) Faboya, 0.0. P. e_t al. Phytochemistry, 19, 1226. (1980) Polonsky, J. and Lederer, E. Bull. Soc. Chim. France, 1157. (1959) Brochere-Ferrerol, G. !. Corapt. Rend., 246, 3082. (1958) Moyse-Mignon, H. Recherches sur quelques Meliacees africaines et leurs (1942) principes amers, These Pharm. , Univ. Paris. Aspinall, G.O. e_t al . J. Chem. Soc., C, 365 and previous works cited therein. (1970) - 112 - PLATE XVII. Khaya senega lens is (Desr.) A. Juss. Plate XVII. Khaya senegalensls (Desr.) A. Juss. A. flowering branch B. longitudinal section of flower
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